Mark Williams Makes Some Lovely Distinctions @ Agile Outside IT

The first part of the recent presentation made by Andrew Holm & Mark Williams, at the Agile Outside meet-up, was designed to set the scene by giving some context to current state of Lean [...]

Presentation To Agile Outside IT Meet-up

Andrew Holm & Mark Williams presented at the Agile Outside IT meet-up in London on the 20/09/2018. The feedback from the meeting was amazing and they both thank everyone for attending. To [...]

Andrew Holm’s fascinating insight into the development of the fractal business structure

Overview Andrew Holm’s fascinating insight into the development process that led to the Fractal (virtual company) business structure, covering the underlying philosophical challenges and [...]

Accommodating Self-expression In Organisations

If Leanness and Agility is to be an outcome from a functional system (rather than an applied process) then we need to redesign our organisations to accommodate the self-expression of individuals. [...]

Exploring the distinctions between self leadership & self management

Andrew Holm & Julian Wilson explore the distinctions between Self Leadership & Self Management. This is a must read document as it links the concepts of Command and Control / Conform and [...]

Are our current business models capable of reacting to changing customer requirements

Andrew Holm explores the nature of requirements and how the traditional business model may not be capable of capturing, communicating and reacting to rapidly changing customer requirements. Read [...]

What Problems There Are With Traditional & Matrix Management

We all know that there are problems with work flowing through the functions and hierarchy of a traditionally structures company. This paper, by Julian Wilson, will help you distinguish the [...]

Julian Wilson explains the nature of a Fractal using an example from nature

Fractals are patterns that are similar at different scales; they are created when a single all-purpose rule-set is repeated at different scales rather than using unique rule-sets at each scale. [...]

Julian Wilson explains why the Fractal Business model is ‘ordinary and down to earth’

What does Matt Black Systems in Poole do differently than competitors and other similar companies? For over 10 years Matt black has operated without a management hierarchy. In 2003 we started our [...]

Stress at work and how the Fractal model can help.

Stress at work can be caused by lack of control; a bit like sitting on the motorway to the airport in a huge traffic jam, with the minutes ticking away to the flight take-off time. Mark Williams [...]

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