Say-do-prove is a software framework that the network (fractal) business model can be embedded within. The Say-do-prove framework allows a user to:

  • Formally Capture REQUIREMENTS (ISO 9001…and the like)
  • SAY how the Requirements are to be met (form designer and flow-charter)
  • DO the task by following the forms & flowcharts
  • PROVE that the requirement were met through reporting & audit

The software is most applicable to companies or individuals who have:

  • Requirements demanded by an outside party & policed externally – i.e. Statutory (legal) demands
  • Requirements agreed with an outside party & policed internally & externally – i.e. Regulatory & Contractual agreements
  • Requirements chosen internally & policed internally – i.e. Company & Individual choices

Say-do-prove cover all the functionality expected of a business control system: Sales, Design, Purchasing, Logistics, Production, Quality, Finance, HR, Enablers & any other business processes that demand control. The product can meet the requirements of both a service and manufacturing business and is easily user configurable without specialist programming knowledge. By simply completing the flowcharts & forms the system automatically produces a set of accounts (balance sheet, profit & loss, tax…etc) as well as automatically controlling stock. Its great value for money!