The designers of the Fractal business model both come from a design background and have been developing products and processes over may years. It is the combination of the different design approaches that leads to innovation in business design.

Julian Wilson (co-designer of fractal model)

Julian spent his early career as a product design engineer, designing cockpit instruments for many types or aircraft. He gained a first class honours degree in Engineering Design from Bournemouth University and has a qualification in counselling.

Julian has since combined he love of engineering design and the humanities to create innovative business models for many different business; he is one of the leading authorities on self-leadership, has written papers and appears on many types of media; he is a fellow of the RSA and is an active participator in the reinventing work network.

Andrew Holm (co-designer of fractal model)

Andrew studied electrical & electronic engineering at Glasgow Caledonian University and became an electrical design engineer working on naval projects. He moved into project management and then through a number of commercial roles to be a commercial director within a large multinational group.

Andrew’s interest in businesses structures led him into turnaround projects and business model design. He has extensive experience in process & business software design and has designed the first integrated business control software for network organisations. He is a leading authority on self leadership, has written many articles and has appeared in multiple media.

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