The Fractal business model is designed to take ALL the activities performed  in a traditional (functional/hierarchical) business and place the responsibility for carrying out these activities on each & every person in the business. Just like how a one man businesses operates! (it is the most popular business model, by far). It may seem complex but the reality is that most activities are carried out very infrequently (hiring a new person for instance). Each person in a business becomes a mini business (a cell if you like); they have their own balance sheet and profit and loss account and have stewardship of the resources they require to run their mini business.

We call these mini businesses, virtual companies; the benefit of this approach is that it gives a person all the security of being employed whilst giving them the freedom to release their entrepreneurial skills. Resources (material, machinery, money…) owned by a statutory company are passed to a virtual company and, the person in control of the virtual company is given stewardship of these resources. The person in a virtual business is responsible for deploying these resources efficiently and effectively to operate their virtual business and deliver value to their customers. Just like a one man band!

So what are the benefits?

  • Measuring performance is at individual Person level.
  • Only 6 performance measures are required; Value+Quality, Delivery, Price, Control+Profit
  • The measures that each virtual company uses are the same measures that the statutory company uses.
  • Successful employees can be identified easily & rewarded for their success.
  • Struggling employees can be recognised early and assistance can be directed to where if does most good.
  • There are no functions & no hierarchy (its self managing) so costs are very low.
  • The model is great value for money
Business SMOs - Networks

We provide all the necessary Templates (forms) and Processes to ensure that activities are carried out in a consistent and repeatable fashion; these Templates can be tailored to meet individual needs. We provide an IT platform (say-do-prove) to make the running and recording of processes (sales, purchasing, accounts, logistics, employment……) efficient and effective. As a bi-product of completing the templates and processes the software automatically provides the user with up to date accounts and inventory control.

The model is designed to ensure the user is working to an agreed standard (Minimum Company, ISO9001, AS9100 ……) and will automatically provide proof they have done so. The the IT system records the REQUIREMENT & the SAY (i.e. how the requirement is going to be met), the DO (i.e. the meeting of the requirement) and the PROVE (i.e. evidence that the requirement was met). You can instantly see, for each REQUIREMENT, how  a user intended meeting it and whether it was actually met.

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