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We are currently piloting self leadership with 6 organisations interested in developing a network organisation.  We are having great results;  keep up to date with progress by visiting the site

The starfish and the spider

Rod Beckstrom is the co-author of The Starfish and the Spider: the Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations. The book analyzes in an entertaining way how a new form of organizations and a [...]

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Fractal Software

The fractal model is supported by a software framework. The software (say-do-prove) allows a user to design their own business templates and link them together in a process through a flow charter. If you are not confident in process design, simply import templates and flowcharts already designed for you. Once the design has been completed the software simply runs it!

The software support sales, design, production, logistics, finance, quality, employment and any other processes a user wishes to control. The great news it all contained in one package.

Contact us to learn more about the software.

Let us help

Are you thinking about turning your organisation around using the Fractal model? We can help:

  • your organisation to grow without the growing pains (& costs) of a traditional structure
  • your organisation through a difficult time
  • your organisation to stand on it own two feet, without the constant input from a management team

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