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Dawna Jones interviews Andrew Holm on the shift to create Organisational Models that engage Human Beings, transform productivity and where Leanness and and Agility are an Outcome from a new Organisational Approaches and not a patches to a traditional hierarchical and functional Organisational Model.

Dawna and Andrew explore why applying Lean and Agile toolkits, as a patch, does not deliver the improvements expected and how only through transforming the Organisational Approach, from rewarding Time to rewarding Value, are huge leaps in engagement and productivity achieved.

The podcast will highlight, to people interested in Organisational Design, some important distinctions that will assist them to better understand why Organisations suffer from the disease of disengagement and why simply patching the symptoms does not work in the long term. The conversation identified how Matt Black Systems addressed the disease and arrived at a very different place. Where instead of rewarding people based on the Clock (time), they were rewarded based on the Contract (value)”.

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