Say-do-prove is a software based business design application. The application allows a user to:

  • Formally Capture REQUIREMENTS (Statutory (legal…….), Regulatory (ISO 9001…….), Contractual, Company, Individual …….)
  • SAY how the Requirements are to be met through a drag & drop form designer and flow-charter
  • DO the task by following the forms & flowcharts previously designed
  • PROVE that the REQUIREMENTS were met through auto reporting & audit

The software is most applicable to: business designers, small businesses, cell based businesses & businesses with compliance needs.

Say-do-prove covers all the functionality expected of a business design system: Marketing, Design, Sales, Purchasing, Logistics, Production, Quality, Finance, HR, Enablers & any other business processes that demand control. The application meets the requirements of both service and manufacturing businesses and is easily user configurable without specialist programming knowledge. By simply completing the forms the system automatically produces a set of accounts (balance sheet, profit & loss, tax…etc) as well as automatically controlling stock.


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