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The first part of the recent presentation made by Andrew Holm & Mark Williams, at the Agile Outside meet-up, was designed to set the scene by giving some context to current state of Lean & Agile implementations. Mark William’s presentation highlights the “state of the nation” and starts to form a bridge from the “As Is” Lean & Agile as an extension to the traditional command & control/conform & comply, hierarchical & functional, business model to the new world of Business Models designed around people. He beautifully distinguishes the current Machine view of work from the new MAGIC view of work; where people’s magic lies at the very centre of future organisational Models. Only when people have full control of their Resources and Activities can they bring their Magic to bear for their own benefit and for the benefit of others. Exciting times lie ahead, we need to leave the old models behind as they are no longer able to deliver the leanness & agility demanded by ever more discerning customers.

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